The Biodiesel pHLip Test

Biodiesel, the fastest growing renewable fuel in the U.S, must be made to meet the quality specifications of ASTM D-6751. The pHLip test was developed by Randall von Wedel, Ph.D., to give the buyer a tool to visually, quickly, and inexpensively determine quality. The Biodiesel pHLip Test is the easiest, lowest-cost, most accurate and fastest biodiesel field test available today.


The Biodiesel pHLip Test can accurately detect traces of biodiesel characteristics:

  • Catalysts
  • Glycerins
  • Soaps
  • Acids
  • Aged (oxidized) fuel

The Biodiesel pHLip Test was developed for low-cost field sampling, screening, and testing of pure biodiesel(B100/B99).

In The Press

Randall von Wedel, Ph.D., inventor of the pHLip Test, is the winner of the 2009 Biodiesel Impact Award. -click here to read more.

"Best of the Tests: Tests for Finished Biodiesel:This is the most thoroughly and analytically vetted test we have short of ASTM testing to tell if we have high quality biodiesel. It has been compared against ASTM testing repeatedly by dozens of firms. My Opinion - I think it's a really good test." -Rick Boggan, B100 Supply

"A 10-minute field test with striking accuracy" -Biodiesel Magazine, February 2009

"A handy home test for biodiesel" click here to read more. -CNET News Blog, June 2007

"The ONLY product endorsed by the National Biodiesel Board" -Biodiesel Magazine, April 2006

"We use it as a preliminary firewall for every batch of biodiesel we produce and it works like a charm. Thank you for saving us thousands of dollars in up front testing costs. You rock, your team rocks and so does your product. Keep up the great work." -Todd Stephens, Tulsa Biofuels LLC