The Biodiesel pHLip Test

The Biodiesel pHLip Test was developed by Randall von Wedel, Ph.D., the founder and President of CytoCulture International, Inc.and The BioSolar Group.

The BioSolar Group

The BioSolar Group provides biodiesel technical consultation, laboratory services, and simple to use biodiesel and feedstock analysis that apply to individuals, fleets, distributors, producers, other laboratories.

CytoCulture International, Inc.

CytoCulture International, Inc. is an environmental biotechnology firm providing microbiology laboratory services to support bioremediation and biofuels projects, as well as research & development.

The CytoSol Process

CytoSol is a shoreline oil spill remediation process using a vegetable oil-based BioSolvent. This novel shoreline oil spill cleanup approach has been developed by CytoCulture to dissolve and extract weathered crude oil off shoreline substrates using a relatively non-toxic BioSolvent formulation containing methyl esters derived from vegetable oil. The BioSolvent contains no petroleum products or surfactant, but relies on its inherent solvent properties to extract petroleum hydrocarbons from beaches and shoreline surfaces.